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Hi! I’m Chelsea | Web Designer + Graphic Designer

Apart from being a coffee lover and technology geek, I empower startups & entrepreneurs to build legendary & thriving brands.

I was 16 when I first used the Adobe Photoshop software and learned first-hand how important design was to an organization’s success. Using design, I helped various small businesses increase their engagement and participation. I developed my design skills over the next 10 years, helping  startups launch and drive effective growth along the way. 

Listening to my true calling, I focus my energies as a designer for the startup and entrepreneur community. I use my passion for design and entrepreneurial success to help you increase your profit & revenue & energize your customers. 


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I specialize in web design. A high-value website & branding translates to dollars

By providing startups the design services that they need to rebrand their business, my experience has taught me that regardless of the size of the business, good branding is synonymous with success.

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Does this sound like you?

Then, we’ll be a great fit! Click here to book me


What I’m Up to These Days

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Helping entrepreneurs grow

Partnering with business owners to sustain and scale their businesses without working long hours

Finding a balance

Balancing design services, a 9-5, and I got married this year!

Focusing on self-care

I keep sane by praying, working out, and spending quality time with friends and family.

Last Updated December 2021.

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